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Refund Policy

Juice Scale is a completely custom program and we want to make sure that everyone is satisfied with their purchase no matter what. We completely understand that things happen sometimes and everybody has their reasons to want a refund. We want to be as transparent as possible with everyone and have Listed our membership package details below for you to review.

Refunds will only be processed by using the "Refund Form" below. To get started fill in the required information.


Daily Pass

We urge everyone who visits Juice Scale to purchase a daily pass. Try it out before making a long term commitment and as such this plan is completely non-refundable. Once payment is made the timer willrun until it reaches "0:00" in 30-hours.

Monthly & Yearly 

For our monthly and yearly membership packages we offer everyone a 24-hour, 100 % money back guarantee. All refund requests after 24-hours are regrettably non-refundable. Your membership will continue until the package timer expires, at which time we will immediately close your account and send you an e-mail confirmation message.

All refunds will be processed immediately once received. Please allow up to 48-hours to see the funds returned back to your PayPal account or preferred payment method.

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